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How Sustainability Drives DuPont—and Vice Versa

Thursday, May 2, 2013
4:00 p.m.
Room 102, Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Photo of Bill BaileyIf you’ve ever wondered how a commitment to sustainability and the corporate bottom line could coexist, come hear what DuPont’s Bill Bailey has to say. He's an engineering fellow with DuPont's Energy Engineering Group.

Bill is going to talk about the DuPont Company’s broad sustainability efforts and an initiative in energy efficiency that he led, which has saved $230 million since 2008.

If you’re a student going on the job market soon, the event will be a good opportunity to meet Bill and other DuPont employees who are joining the event, who have contributed to sustainable practices. They want to meet you—come network! 

Free of charge and refreshments served. Plus a free DENIN swag bag for every audience member! 
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