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Böer Medal winner Goswami excels as scientist, inventor, entrepreneur

It took Yogi Goswami a moment to remember that he had spoken at Montana State University in 1998. But Nicomedes Alonso, who teaches mathematics at the University of Delaware and has a keen interest in solar energy, remembered the lecture quite clearly – and he stood in line Friday, Sept. 23, to congratulate the solar pioneer after Goswami accepted the 13th Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit at UD. Alonso was just starting his graduate studies at Montana State when he heard Goswami speak, and he marveled at how far his research in solar thermal power and photocatalytic processes had advanced over the years.

"He has moved this research forward a tremendous amount," Alonso said.

Indeed, Böer – the distinguished UD professor emeritus for whom the medal is named – proclaimed Goswami the most comprehensive representative of the medal's objectives to date, excelling in all areas.

"You have surpassed all the criteria," Böer said to Goswami after UD President Dennis Assanis presented the medal in a ceremony at the Harker Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory. "And more work is coming for you in the future."

The Böer Medal, which comes with a $60,000 prize, recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in solar energy, wind energy or other forms of renewable energy through research, development or economic enterprise, or has made extraordinary, valuable and enduring contributions to the field in other ways.