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DENIN invites doctoral students to apply for two-year fellowships

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) invites current and newly admitted science, engineering and social science doctoral students who are advised by one of its 200 faculty affiliates to apply for the DENIN Environmental Fellowship Program. The 2017–19 fellowships begin in September and will provide two years of support for up to five Ph.D. students carrying out environmentally relevant research that demonstrates a clear link to societal needs and benefits.

“We’re looking for outstanding students with real leadership potential, who will go on to make a lasting contribution to both science and society,” says Jeanette Miller, associate director of DENIN. “The desire and ability to communicate the importance and benefits of scientific research will definitely be a consideration in our selection process.”

DENIN Fellows work together as a team in ways that complement their primary academic programs. Fellows are expected to participate in and lead a select number of events and activities each year, including symposia, seminar series or outreach events. DENIN provides opportunities for professional development and networking with domestic and international scientists and leaders.