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DNREC News: Delaware Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment report completed

After more than a year of study of the risks posed by sea level rise, Delaware’s Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee has completed its statewide Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment report. Results of the assessment show that sea level rise is a statewide issue: all three counties and 31 of the state’s 57 cities and towns will be directly impacted. The report is available for download on DNREC’s website at

The Vulnerability Assessment outlines the potential impacts of three future sea level rise scenarios to homes, businesses, parks, roads, farmland, habitat, wetlands and dozens of other statewide resources. It also includes detailed data tables and maps that illustrate the scope and significance of sea level rise for the state. The findings of this report will be used by the Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee to develop recommendations aimed at improving Delaware’s ability to adapt to the changes that sea level rise may bring.

In developing the report, the Delaware Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from state and local governments, businesses, and civic advocacy organizations, solicited extensive stakeholder and public comment at meetings and public engagement sessions throughout the state.

“The science is clear that Delaware will face very real and wide-ranging impacts from more extreme weather events and sea level rise,” said DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara. “This scientific assessment provides a solid foundation to evaluate potential strategies and proactive measures that will improve our resilience to storms and reduce our long-term vulnerability.”