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Energy efficiency fund: Lighting retrofit project reduces UD's carbon footprint, energy bill

The University of Delaware has established the Revolving Energy Efficiency Fund to support energy efficiency projects across campus. The first project funded by the Energy Efficiency Fund will replace lighting systems with new, energy efficient systems, undertaken by Facilities and Auxiliary Services and contractor Atlantic Energy Concepts.

“Reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint is an important element of our Path to Prominence,” said David Singleton, vice president of facilities and auxiliary services.  “The University’s Energy Efficiency Fund will be an important tool in meeting our goals.”

The Energy Efficiency Fund’s mandate is to reduce both the University’s carbon emissions and operating costs.  Projects are identified by Facilities and Auxiliary Services engineering staff, targeting investments that have a payback horizon of fewer than five years.  Projects are paid for with the energy savings they generate.  As projects are completed and begin generating utility savings, the fund will support additional projects across campus.