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Newark Post: A growing trend — green roofs begin to take root in Newark

Thousands of people pass by 132 E. Delaware Ave. every day, but few would ever think to look up. However, atop the three-story apartment building in the heart of downtown Newark lies a green roof  —a 2,500-square-foot arrangement of robust plants still thriving after surviving last winter's harsh conditions.

Chris Locke, of Lang Development Group, said the green roof system on the building was manufactured by Pennsylvania-based LiveRoof and installed last August in order to comply with the city's new stormwater regulations for new developments. It is the first green roof on a non-university building in Newark.

“It's an expensive proposition,” Locke said. “It saves no money for us.”

Public Works Director Tom Coleman said the new regulations require developers to reduce their one-year storm volume by 30 percent, which is typically met by reducing the amount of impervious cover on the site.