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News Journal: "Cleaner" power, but debate brews over Data Centers plant

A federal energy-efficiency program has signaled support for the type of cogeneration technology proposed for the data center at the former Chrysler site in Newark, saying that the project's waste-heat recovery features could help the plant produce energy with less pollution than conventional operations. An official with the Environmental Protection Agency's Combined Heat and Power Partnership said in a letter that the plan has the potential to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur and carbon dioxides, compared with traditional power plants.

The project could curtail carbon emissions – which have been tied to global warming – roughly equivalent to the amount released when powering 128,000 homes with more-conventional systems, the EPA said.

West Chester-based The Data Centers released the Feb. 7 letter to highlight the efficiency and reliability of its plant, which would have a capacity of 279 megawatts and would repurpose waste heat to provide energy to drive cooling systems, among other uses.