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News Journal: Coast Day puts weather in perspective

Over years of Coast Days, Nancy Targett has seen everything from steaming hot to downpours, to nor'easters to Sunday's unseasonably cool, clear weather. And so, as she opened this year's event, and saw a crowd huddled together against the chill she spoke from experience. "It's better than rain, trust me," she said. "It's better than rain."

As it turns out the day's weather fit in nicely with the University of Delaware's College of Earth, Ocean and Environment theme for this year's showcase of coastal research: "Weather and Climate: It's on Our Radar."

"The ocean plays a really major role on our weather and climate," said Targett, dean of the college.

Coast Day visitors got a look at the tools scientists at the university use to explore both weather and climate – from tropical coral reefs and polar regions to the impact on Delaware's coastal regions. And they got to see examples of the wild and extreme weather in the state, including bench marks like the record coldest and hottest temperature: both set in Millsboro and the most rain and most snow to fall in 24 hours. Those records were both set in Dover.