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News Journal: Delaware has head start on White House CO2 plan

While Delaware has been ahead of most of the country in curbing power plant carbon dioxide emissions blamed for rising global temperatures, new rules announced Monday by President Obama likely will prove tougher and more costly. The new standards come amid concerns that progress in meeting carbon dioxide reductions has been too slow nationwide and globally to meet a United Nations goal of holding the world's temperature increase below about 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by the turn of the century, according to many scientists.

Delaware has made huge strides, cutting emissions by 40 percent since 2008, and Gov. Jack Markell said Monday that the White House plan "sort of builds on what we've been doing" in Delaware though state energy policies and the multi-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

"Our view all along has been that policies that can help us achieve a better environment, better health for our people and create jobs and put money in peoples' pockets by having to spend less on energy – that's a pretty good place to be," Markell said.