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News Journal: Glasgow company on cutting edge of industrial recycling

Tom Embley is in the waste removal and recycling business. Just don’t call him a garbage man.

“People automatically think we handle post-consumer trash, but we’re nowhere near that world,” said the CEO of Precision AirConvey near Glasgow. “Everything we do is industrial and it’s all about making the manufacturing process a little greener.”

Tucked in the back of the Pencader Corporate Center, Precision AirConvey designs and builds custom waste removal systems for companies in the food, consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Sold as add-ons to existing production lines, those systems vacuum up raw material left over from the manufacturing of flexible packaging and labels. The scrap is then chopped up before being reconditioned and returned to the production line or molded into compact cubes that reduces landfill waste.

“It might be the film that’s wrapped around the outside of your soda bottle or the aluminum lid on the top of your yogurt cup,” Embley said. “Packaging is something no one thinks about, but it’s a huge industry in the United States.”