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News Journal: Manatee draws curious to Delaware marina

Curiosity was piqued at a Delaware marina Friday – a day after a manatee was spotted in its waters near the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. "They're a fascinating creature," said A. Ralph Woodrow, who was at Summit North Marina on Friday morning in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Florida manatee. "Have you seen one? Do you know anything about them?

"They're like the size of a hippopotamus."

On Thursday, a woman contacted Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Natural Resources police after spotting the manatee in the marina, Cpl. John McDerby said. An officer responded and found the 7-foot-long manatee swimming around the marina.

Though McDerby said there have been manatee spottings in Indian River Inlet between Dewey and Bethany beaches as recently as last year, he could not remember a time where a manatee made it this far back in the canal.