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News Journal: Mild days part of toasty trend in Delaware

The unseasonably warm weather of the past few days, which is expected to continue, is part of a three-year trend in Delaware that’s breaking temperature records more than a century old. The first 10 months of this year were the warmest since meteorologists began keeping records in 1895, said Delaware State Climatologist Daniel Leathers. The temperature from January through October averaged 61.6 degrees, compared with the normal 57.45 degrees, he said. The same periods in 2010 and 2011 were the third- and fourth-warmest on record, respectively, he said. The second-warmest was in 2002.

“The thing I always tell people is that the climate is always changing,” Leathers said. “The real question is figuring out how much of the warming is due to humans and how much is due to other things.”

(This story appeared in the News Journal on Dec. 6, 2012.)