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News Journal: Newark seeks pipeline routes for data center project

City Council has formally asked for the routes of natural gas pipelines that would run to a large data center and associated power plant proposed for the former Chrysler site. The body voted 5-2 early Tuesday morning to request that the project owner, The Data Centers LLC, update information in its application for a $7.5 million infrastructure grant and to include the intended pipeline routes.

Council said it would review the amended application at a future meeting to determine whether it wants to continue Newark's public sponsorship of the state grant on behalf of TDC.

"It would make sense to have that document updated, then we as a council can decide based on that new information,"said Councilman Rob Gifford, who made the motion.

"The benefit of the infrastructure is not to the folks in front of me, especially not those in my district."

In a letter sent Tuesday, city attorney Max Walton asked the info be provided by May 9. But TDC says the routes are up to its suppliers.

"We'll provide all the information we can," TDC spokesman Ken Grant said. "However, when it comes to the actual location of the pipelines, we really don't have any control over that or any say."