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News Journal: Sea level rise: Not just a beach risk

News Journal: Sea level rise: Not just a beach risk

Delaware's ocean coast beaches aren't the most at-risk places in the state for sea level rise – at least not yet.

The reason: the millions of dollars worth of sand that have been pumped in to build up dunes, extend the sand resource and create a buffer from storms.

"It's sort of like Mount Sussex County," said state coastal programs planner Susan Love. "That's been an adaptation to sea level rise."

And that, said Love, is just one of the tools Delawareans need to think about as they prepare for the future, when storm-like flooding and worse becomes a common occurrence.

The main options: protect by building up to keep rising waters out; retreat by walking away from vulnerable areas; accommodate by elevating buildings or taking other steps to minimize damage or avoid the area all together by not building in harm's way in the first place, she said.

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