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News Journal: Wilmington's warmest December on record

If December seemed warmer that usual, that's because it was. And by a wide margin. Wilmington just recorded its warmest December on record with an average temperature of 49.4 degrees, nearly 7 degrees warmer than the old record of December 2001, when the average temperature was 42.5 degrees.

With weather, where a degree either way can make the difference between rain or snow, that 6.9-degree difference is huge.

"It smashed the old record," said State Climatologist Daniel Leathers. "I hate to use superlatives, but it's just been extraordinary ... and there is no good rhyme or reason."

December 2015 set across-the-board records in Wilmington and the state, Leathers said. National Weather Service records from the New Castle Airport recorded an average monthly high of 57.1 and an average monthly low of 41.6 degrees.