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Recyclemania 2011 is under way

Recyclemania 2011 is under way

Recyclemania 2011, an eight-week competition among college campuses to help reduce waste, is now under way.

During last year's campaign, UD recycled 275,000 pounds of material. This year's goal is 300,000 pounds.

To reach that goal, the participation of everyone is needed. And it's easy to participate. Just dispose of recyclables properly on campus.

The following items can be recycled:


  •  catalogs and magazines,
  •  junk mail,
  •  newspaper,
  •  cardboard,
  •  plastic bottles (soda, water, juice, laundry detergent),
  •  aluminum cans,
  •  glass bottles and jars and
  •  steel cans.

Recyclemania, which is sponsored on campus by Dining Services, runs through April 2.