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Research magazine highlights UD's "eco-innovation"

Research magazine highlights UD's "eco-innovation"

The latest issue of the award-winning UD Research magazine highlights the “eco-innovation” of University of Delaware environmental researchers. The issue includes several articles related to DENIN: a question-and-answer interview with DENIN director Don Sparks, a feature on the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory, and an article on sea-level rise research at UD that includes several DENIN affiliates and EPSCoR-sponsored work on the ethical and policy aspects of sea-level rise.

You can also read about patented UD inventions with promise in speeding the development of new biofuels and drugs, UD's high-tech efforts to aid the Gulf oil spill response, and research projects on renewable energy to stormwater management that are part of UD's efforts to “go green” on campus.

The issue's more than 30 articles span work in the Arctic tundra to the Christina River Basin, and on climate change to local air quality to the important role homeowners can play in keeping the ecosystem healthy by landscaping with native plants.

Several of UD's environmental research leaders are profiled including Nancy Targett, dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Don Sparks, director of the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN), and John Byrne, director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP).

Tricia Wachtendorf, associate director of the Disaster Research Center, writes the “First Person” article about how the initial hours are critical for disaster researchers.

UD's student researchers in the sciences to the humanities also are heralded, as the Undergraduate Research Program celebrates its 30th year of operation as one of the nation's first, if not the first, program of its kind.

The “Year in Review” applauds major faculty and student honors and new books by faculty. And “Who's Who,” on the last page of the magazine, tests your knowledge of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). Can you correctly match up the larva with its beautiful adult form?

This issue of the magazine also marks a new digital presence. Check it all out online.

UD Research is published by the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) in collaboration with the Research Office. The production team includes Tracey Bryant, editor; David Barczak, senior art director; Daniel Wright, production coordinator; writers in colleges and research institutes across campus; and photographers from OCM Photo Services.