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UDaily: Award-winning exhibit enhances public tours offered at UD's Lewes campus

UDaily: Award-winning exhibit enhances public tours offered at UD's Lewes campus

Vivid underwater images of diving penguins and deep-sea tubeworms capture the dynamic nature of the world’s oceans in a new exhibit open to the public at the University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes. Visitors can view the award-winning, 200-footlong display, which highlights research conducted by scientists in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) and the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, on free tours offered this summer from June 6 through Sept. 5.

The museum-quality exhibit transports visitors from the ocean depths to shallow waters to the coastline, with explanations of researchers’ work along the way. The wall mural and informative panels received a 2014 American Inhouse Design Award from Graphic Design USA, ranking the display among the top 15 percent of more than 4,000 entries.

“I combined over 100 high-resolution images into a seamless underwater representation of some of the diverse habitats and marine life found in our seas,” said Tamara Beeson, art director in CEOE’s Environmental Public Education Office. “The resulting effect is intended to inspire visitors to learn more about ocean environments.”

From frigid waters in the Arctic to hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the sea, CEOE researchers travel the globe exploring the world’s oceans — with the scientific laboratories in Lewes as their home base. Research projects underway include studies on penguin populations, deep-sea adaptations, coastal marshes, seafloor changes and renewable energy.