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UDaily: Campus community celebrates official ISE Lab grand opening

UDaily: Campus community celebrates official ISE Lab grand opening

As he walked the halls of the University of Delaware’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory Thursday, the international relations major wished he could swap course schedules with his computer science major friends to score a coveted seat inside ISE Lab. “It’s really amazing how we’ve changed from our old buildings that still have so much character to them to a modern version,” he said. “I just love it.”

Bryan joined the crowd of students, faculty, staff, donors and government officials gathered to celebrate the official grand opening of ISE Lab. Together they chanted “hydrogen, helium, lithium,” reciting the first three elements of the periodic table in place of “one, two, three” as dignitaries prepared to cut a ribbon.

President Patrick Harker suggested the new scientific countdown to officially christen not just a new building but also a new future for learning and research at UD. That future, he said, is focused on students experiencing education in action.

"This building is an investment in them, in you, in this incredible community of people, everyone here right now and many more who aren’t, who’ve signed on to change the world with us,” Harker said.