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UD's Dion Vlachos will address global energy, water, and food needs in lecture April 17

The University of Delaware’s Dion Vlachos, who has been named the Allan and Myra Ferguson Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, will deliver his inaugural lecture at 4 p.m., Monday, April 17, in Room 204 Kirkbride Hall. A reception will follow at 5 p.m. in the DuPont Hall Lobby. Those who plan to attend should RSVP by email to Sue Zatto.

The lecture, “Meeting Future Global Energy, Water, and Food Needs,” will address the grand challenges in meeting the global energy, water, and food needs that have emerged from growing population, urbanization and increasing emissions. Potential science and technology solutions will be outlined, and the need for new materials to meet these challenges will be discussed.

Multi-scale simulation will be introduced as an enabling technology to address diverse engineering topics leading to better solutions for the nexus of energy, water and food. An overview of work being done in the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation (CCEI) on renewable chemicals and fuels from biomass will be given as one technological platform toward increasing energy and, in particular, to providing green transportation fuels and chemicals.