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WDDE: Collin O’Mara reflects on tenure as DNREC secretary

The end of the legislative session earlier this week also marked the end of Collin O’Mara’s time as the head of DNREC.

O’Mara starts his new position as President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation next week after 5 years in the Markell Administration.

In an interview with Delaware Public Media’s “The Green” this week, O’Mara pointed to a number of key accomplishments during his tenure, including implementation of universal recycling in the state.

That was his first major project and O’Mara says it helped him understand how to move initiatives forward in the First State.

“In Delaware, if you can make the economic case that can often transcend partisan politics,” said O’Mara. “The fact that [universal recycling] passed almost unanimously in both Houses – and its worked –rates are down reversions are up, we’ve really made good progress – I think is a good testament to the way we’ve approached things. We start with sound economics and sound science, then get to the politics rather than start with the politics ”

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