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WDDE: Turning sea-rise policy into practical steps

Now comes the hard part. After more than three years of planning and two major reports on Delaware’s vulnerability to sea-level rise and its options for adapting to it, officials are turning their attention to implementing the dozens of recommendations that have emerged from the painstaking statewide process. To that end, around 50 state and local officials together with nonprofit representatives and academic experts gathered at Delaware Technical and Community College’s Terry campus in Dover on March 26 to discuss ways of putting into practice the massive changes that would allow the state to live with an anticipated three feet of sea-level rise that officials say could inundate up to 11 percent of the state’s land by the end of the century.

Participants considered how to implement some of the 81 recommendations from the Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee, a now-disbanded panel of state and local government planners, business people, academics and nonprofit staffers brought together by the Coastal Programs unit of Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.