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WHYY: Delaware data center fight powers on

The Data Centers, LLC hopes to start demolition on a 43-acre brownfield on the University of Delaware's Science Technology and Advanced Research campus this month. The city of Newark issued a demolition permit at the end of March, the first step in TDC's construction of a first-of-its-kind, stand-alone data center in the country.

"We've gone into what's called an islanded [sic] mode," Executive Vice President of Sales, Brian Honish said. "We're gonna be creating our own power from our natural gas turbines, then our steam turbines, our steam chillers -- we'll be using all that by ourselves to support ourselves."

Instead of relying on fluctuating power from a traditional power company, Honish says the data center will eliminate the variable swings in power by building a 279 megawatt combined heat and power plant, or CHP, on site.