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UDaily: DENIN event to boost appreciation for soil, an overlooked resource
12/03/2015 -

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) will host an event in celebration of the International Year of Soils from noon to 4 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7, in the Trabant University Center. The University of Delaware community is invited to stop by DENIN’s booth near the food court to play soil-related trivia, enter the “Pay Dirt” raffle, pot a plant to take home, and sample the special “DENIN Dirt” ice cream flavor concocted by the UDairy Creamery.

UDaily: UD scientist receives special appointment from the Institute of Soil Science in China
12/01/2015 -

Donald L. Sparks, Unidel S. Hallock du Pont Chair in Soil and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Delaware and director of the Delaware Environmental Institute, has been named an honorary professor of the Institute of Soil Science in Nanjing, China.

A division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Soil Science is the oldest and most prestigious institution for soil science in China. Sparks is the first soil scientist to receive the title of honorary professor in the institute’s 60-year history.

11/30/2015 -

University of Delaware scientists have released new research on the effects of global warming on coastal oceans. In the journal Nature's Scientific Reports, researchers from UD and China's Xiamen University looked at trends in sea surface temperatures between 1998 and 2013. They looked at this time period because some scientists believe that since 1998, the rate at which global temperatures are rising has been decreasing.

11/21/2015 -

The public debate over climate change has worked its way into science classrooms, where scientists say it has no place. The vast majority of climate scientists say that climate change is happening and it's largely due to human activity. But only about 40 percent of the American public believes that to be true. This divide in public sentiment is trickling down into science classrooms, injecting controversy into a topic that scientists don’t believe to be controversial.

11/21/2015 -

Weakfish officially became Delaware’s state fish in 1981. At the time, this species of fish was so plentiful in Delaware’s coastal waters that locals established a World Championship Weakfish Tournament, which was coordinated every year by the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce. As years passed, the size of weakfish catches plunged. Fisheries managers struggled to bring back their numbers and local fishermen grew increasingly upset.

UDaily: Study shows how some coral can survive annual bleaching events
11/19/2015 -

A year ago, researchers from University of Delaware and Ohio State University discovered that fat helps coral survive heat stress over the short term — and now it seems that fat helps coral survive over the long term, too.

The study offers important clues as to which coral species are most likely to withstand repeated bouts of heat stress, called “bleaching,” as climate change warms ocean waters worldwide.

UDaily: Professors launch DelawreView to improve public access to remote sensing and geospatial data
11/18/2015 -

Faculty members in the University of Delaware’s Department of Geography have launched the DelawareView (DEView) consortium to improve public access to remote sensing and geospatial data. DEView is an affiliate member of AmericaView, a national network of remote sensing scientists and GIS scientists, funded by the U.S. Geological Survey, who support the use of Landsat and other public domain remotely sensed satellite data for research, education and technology transfer.

UDaily: University's Di Toro honored for environmental research
11/18/2015 -

Dominic Di Toro, the Edward C. Davis Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation. 

The award was presented at the Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy, held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, from Oct. 19-22. The award recognizes individuals who have shown significant contributions to the field as well as outstanding environmental stewardship. 

11/17/2015 -

At 1,250 acres, the Roberts family farms were one of the last large holdings in southeastern New Castle County. Late last month, three conservation groups, The Mount Cuba Center, The Conservation Fund and Delaware Wild Lands, purchased the properties. The land, to be managed by Delaware Wild Lands, becomes part of a swath of thousands of acres of protected open space that stretches from the state-owned Augustine and Cedar Swamp wildlife areas south to Wild Land's 3,500 acres at Taylors Bridge and more state holdings at Blackbird Creek Reserve.

UDaily: Celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing gratitude for natural world
11/17/2015 -

As a way of observing the Thanksgiving holiday, the DENIN Ambassadors will be asking fellow students and other members of the University of Delaware community, “What on Earth are you thankful for?” from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 18, at a kiosk in the Trabant University Center. 

The DENIN Ambassadors are the official student representatives of the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN), an interdisciplinary environmental research and education institute with approximately 180 faculty affiliates at the University of Delaware.