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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

07/17/2015 -

University of Delaware researchers are examining the health of zooplankton in the bay, part of a study that hasn’t been done in nearly 60 years. Whether it's boating off the coast of Lewes in Delaware or fishing at Fortescue in New Jersey, The Delaware Bay offers a chance to unwind, relax and enjoy the beauty of its shores. But how healthy is the water?

07/17/2015 -

Delaware residents and businesses can get financial help to buy cleaner-fueled vehicles under a new program announced Thursday by Gov. Jack Markell. The Clean Transportation Incentive Program will provide rebates or grants to support electric or alternative-fuel vehicle purchases and installations or investments that expand clean-fuel refueling networks.

UDaily: Teachers to gather at Lewes campus to dig deeper into science of climate change
07/17/2015 -

Twenty-five educators from Delaware and Maryland will head to the University of Delaware's Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes on Wednesday, July 22, to study how solar and wind energy could help to address the challenges of climate change.

All are enrolled in the third Climate Change Academy, part of a $5.3-million, five-year partnership between Delaware, Maryland and the National Science Foundation. The goal is to develop clear and compelling ways to present the science of climate change to students. 

07/16/2015 -

Delaware’s reduction in carbon emissions has created 953 jobs and generated $107.3 million in economic activity over a three-year period, according to a new report. A study by Boston consulting firm the Analysis Group examined the economic benefits of nine states that adopted a 2009 initiative to cut carbon emissions. The program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, generated a combined $1.3 billion in economic activity and spawned 14,200 new jobs in those states from 2012 to 2014, according to the study released Tuesday.

UDaily: "Under the Sea" ice cream flavor marks MARACOOS milestone
07/15/2015 -

The University of Delaware-led Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARACOOS) is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new UDairy Creamery ice cream flavor. Dubbed “MARACOOS Under the Sea,” the ice cream consists of a blue-colored, sugar cookie-flavored base, with graham cracker crumbs representing sand and chocolate-covered Goldfish crackers mixed in.

07/15/2015 -

Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, resident Lisa J. Riggiola wasn't among those cheering DuPont's official spinoff of the Chemours Co. this week. Riggiola, who grew up in the borough and served on its council, worries Chemours could be crippled by the weight of nationwide pollution cleanup bills the company carried away from DuPont's remaining enterprises. Those expenses, she said, might weaken Chemours' ability to follow through on a more-than-500-acre cleanup at a former DuPont explosives plant in her community.

07/15/2015 -

In the glow of moonlight, volunteers wearing neon safety vests and hard hats waded into the surf, shining headlamps into the murky Delaware Bay and snatching horseshoe crabs from the frothy, green water. To the south, a pipeline spewed a slurry of sand and water. Bulldozers shaped and groomed the rapidly growing shoreline.

07/15/2015 -

A new NASA study of ocean temperature measurements shows in recent years extra heat from greenhouse gases has been trapped in the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Researchers say this shifting pattern of ocean heat accounts for the slowdown in the global surface temperature trend observed during the past decade.

UDaily: New study examines undergraduate understanding and misconceptions of climate change
07/01/2015 -

The human brain is a factory — new perceptions and experiences are passed along a mental assembly line, shaped by prior knowledge and molded and connected to form conclusions, which then drive actions. This conveyor-belt shaping and molding is known as a mental model. 

People use mental models to form everyday decisions, both large and small. A person decides to flip a switch because he knows it will produce light; an athlete takes a drink because she understands that it will solve her thirst.

06/22/2015 -

Tom Embley is in the waste removal and recycling business. Just don’t call him a garbage man.

“People automatically think we handle post-consumer trash, but we’re nowhere near that world,” said the CEO of Precision AirConvey near Glasgow. “Everything we do is industrial and it’s all about making the manufacturing process a little greener.”