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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

UDaily: Don Sparks' article in journal Science outlines threats to soil productivity
05/07/2015 -

A group of leading soil scientists, including the University of Delaware’s Donald L. Sparks, has summarized the precarious state of the world’s soil resources and the possible ramifications for human security in a paper published Thursday, May 7, in the journal Science. In a review of recent scientific literature, the article, titled “Soil and Human Security in the 21st Century,” outlines threats to soil productivity — and, in turn, food production — due to soil erosion, nutrient exhaustion, urbanization and climate change.

UDaily: Students develop proposals to help Goodwill reduce waste, create jobs
05/07/2015 -

Goodwill Industries of Delaware and Delaware County relies on donations of clothing and household items to achieve its primary mission of creating jobs, but not all of those goods find buyers in the nonprofit organization’s retail stores.

In fact, Goodwill’s warehouse near New Castle, Delaware, contains 6-7 million pounds of unsold clothing at any given time — clothing that will end up packed into huge bundles and sold at a low per-pound price to companies that ship the bales overseas. International markets fluctuate widely, and every bulk sale is a financial hit for the organization, which works to improve the lives of people who have barriers to self-sufficiency.

UDaily: New forested wetland planted on UD's Newark Farm
05/06/2015 -

The University of Delaware chapter of Ducks Unlimited assisted the Landmark Science and Engineering firm in putting trees back in place and adding an array of native plants in a new wetland mitigation area on UD’s Newark Farm on April 10.

05/05/2015 -

Behind his Bear Crossing house and past the backyard where his 2-year-old daughter plays, Evan Grabowski has a clear picture of America's flourishing domestic oil business. Most days, an idling Norfolk Southern Corp. locomotives sits, with a mile-long chain of tank cars full of highly valuable – but also volatile – crude-oil in tow.

UDaily: UD researchers, Japanese colleague work to correlate raindrop size to forest ecology
05/05/2015 -

For many people, the well-known childhood rhyme “April showers bring May flowers” heralds the arrival of spring and conjures up images of warm weather, soaking rains and flowers bursting into bloom. But for Sean Hudson, a University of Delaware graduate student studying forest hydrology, April showers lead to science — specifically the science of raindrops.

05/02/2015 -

Delaware's air quality, while improving over the last two decades, still gets a failing grade throughout the state because of high levels of ozone on hot and sunny days. And in northern Delaware, particulates are still high enough that the state received a C on the American Lung Association's newly release State of the Air report. That's an improvement from 2014, when New Castle County was barely passing with a D, but experts say those particles still negatively impact health outcomes.

UDaily: Biology, chemistry students team up for analysis of water samples from UD farm
05/02/2015 -

-University of Delaware biology and chemistry students spent an afternoon down at the farm on Earth Day, April 22, taking water samples from three locations on the South Campus. After measuring temperature, pH and oxygen levels, they took the water and samples of plant debris back to the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab) for further analysis.

UDaily: Caltech's Gray recruiting innovative 'army' of solar researchers
05/02/2015 -

Plants already are experts at this business of solar conversion, turning the sun's energy into the chemical energy they need. Humans are just starting to get better at it, developing an artificial photosynthesis that will allow them to harness the plentiful energy of the sun and convert it to fuel in cheap, efficient, sustainable ways.

UDaily: Rice paddies installed on CANR campus to aid arsenic research
04/29/2015 -

Twelve paddies have been created at the University of Delaware’s new Rice Investigation, Communication and Education (RICE) Facility, an outdoor research education laboratory on the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) campus, to assist scientist Angelia Seyfferth as she studies arsenic in rice.

The paddies were installed through a prestigious five-year $465,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Award received by Seyfferth, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. It was the first such award given to a CANR professor. 

UDaily: Public, private, academic partners gather for Delaware Geologic Research Symposium
04/27/2015 -

Public, private and academic partners came together on Tuesday, April 14, in the Rodney Room of the University of Delaware’s Perkins Student Center for the second biennial Delaware Geologic Research Symposium, hosted by the Delaware Geological Survey and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.