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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

UDaily: New report underscores importance of Delaware research to economic growth
04/27/2015 -

A new report analyzing U.S. research strengths underscores the contributions that Delaware’s higher education institutions make in generating new ideas and discoveries critical to long-term economic growth. The report, America’s Knowledge Economy: A State-by-State Review, issued by the Council of State Governments and the academic publisher Elsevier, assesses research output and impact from 2004 to 2013. The scholarly research publications produced in each state are a key barometer for innovation.

UDaily: UD campus community invited to attend White Clay Creek Fest
04/27/2015 -

The annual White Clay Creek Fest will be held from noon-4 p.m., Saturday, May 2, at the Carpenter Recreation Area of White Clay Creek State Park off Route 896 north of Newark. Members of the University of Delaware campus community are invited to attend.

UDaily: DENIN Ambassadors are accepting applications for new members
04/23/2015 -

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) invites any University of Delaware student interested in joining its ambassador program for the 2015-16 academic year to submit an application by Tuesday, May 5, at 5 p.m. Both undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply. Prospective members may download an application from the group’s webpage.

UDaily: DENIN invites doctoral students to apply for environmental fellowships
04/10/2015 -

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) invites science, engineering and social science doctoral students at the University of Delaware to apply for the DENIN Environmental Fellows Program.

The 2015 fellowships begin in September and will provide two years of support for three Ph.D. students to carry out environmentally relevant research that demonstrates a clear link to societal needs and benefits. 

“We’re looking for those special students with real leadership potential, who will go on to make a lasting contribution, both scientifically and societally,” says Jeanette Miller, associate director of DENIN.

UDaily: Month-long schedule of events promotes awareness of environmental concerns
04/07/2015 -

The University of Delaware’s Earth Month celebration is the culmination of work by a diverse group of students, faculty and staff that helps draw attention to issues of environmental sustainability and environmental justice. The schedule of events is available on the Earth Month 2015 webpage, compiled by the Earth Week Working Group of the University’s Sustainability Task Force.

04/07/2015 -

NASA has joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Geological Survey to transform satellite data designed to probe ocean biology into information that will help protect the American public from harmful freshwater algal blooms.

UDaily: Article details importance of methane seeps in microbial diversity of sea floor
04/05/2015 -

The University of Delaware's Jennifer Biddle has co-authored an article detailing the important role methane seeps play in microbial biodiversity of the sea floor in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on March 16. The article, “Global Dispersion and Local Diversification of the Methane Seep Microbiome,” provides evidence that methane seeps are island-like habitats that harbor distinct microbial communities unique from other seafloor ecosystems. Methane seeps are natural gas leaks in the sea floor that emit methane into the water. Microorganisms that live on or near these seeps can use the methane as a food source, preventing the gas from collecting in the surrounding hydrosphere or migrating into the atmosphere.

04/05/2015 -

More than 500 people, mostly Delaware City Refinery workers and their supporters, packed a school auditorium near the complex Tuesday night for the latest hearing on the plant's cooling water intake and pollution discharge rights. The draft hearing comment session was the latest development in a decades-long debate over the plant's effect on the Delaware River and on a regular replacement for a five-year, federally required permit last issued on regular terms in 1997 to different owners.

04/05/2015 -

Broadkill Beach north of Lewes is about to get an estimated $30 million gift from federal taxpayers that leaders of the sleepy bayside community have sought for decades: a massive infusion of sand creating a beach in places six times as wide as it is now. Federal contractors working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will use giant pumps on dredges to scoop up sand from the Delaware River Channel and pump it onto Broadkill, where earthmovers will smooth it to perfection.

04/05/2015 -

Just as crocus and daffodil blossoms signal the start of a warmer season on land, a similar "greening" event--a massive bloom of microscopic plants, or phytoplankton--unfolds each spring in the North Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to the Arctic. Fertilized by nutrients that have built up during the winter, the cool waters of the North Atlantic come alive every spring and summer with a vivid display of color that stretches across hundreds and hundreds of miles.