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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

UDaily: Costa Rican study abroad program draws students with varied environmental interests
03/26/2015 -

While people often say they experienced culture shock when visiting another country, a group of University of Delaware students who studied abroad in Costa Rica this Winter Session say the shock occurred when they got home. 

“My perspective changed on American culture,” said Nate Harlan, a sophomore in theAssociate in Arts Program, who was one of 13 students participating in the four-week study abroad program offered by the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology.

03/19/2015 -

Delaware’s U.S. senators are backing a controversial overhaul of a law designed to protect the public from dangerous chemicals and substances in consumer products. Some environmental and health groups say the bipartisan legislation that Democratic Sens. Tom Carper and Chris Coons cosponsored this week would weaken current law and undermine efforts to protect the public’s health. The two senators counter that the bill includes provisions they requested to promote safety.

03/19/2015 -

There's more than a spark of interest in wood stoves across Delaware, but officials describe the systems as a sooty fringe, with per capita emissions greater than those in the south, but dwarfed by what goes into the sky in northern tier and New England states.

UDaily: UD assists South Africa in revitalizing its cotton industry sustainably
03/19/2015 -

South Africa is working to revitalize its cotton textile and apparel industry, which has been damaged by the availability of inexpensive imported clothing, by focusing on sustainability — a focus that is expected to benefit from the University of Delaware’s expertise.

03/19/2015 -

In a field west of Milton, a bird watcher was the first to notice the large flock of big, white birds feeding amid the cut over corn stalks. One hundred tundra swans, white like a snow goose but much larger and with a longer neck and black bill, spotted on Thursday grew to a flock of 500 by the weekend. For this time of year, it was unusual. Flocks like these are much more common in Southeastern Pennsylvania or the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay.

03/05/2015 -

The environmental problems at Dover's Mirror Lake were once so severe that the water was tainted and the bottom sediment was polluted by mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls dioxin and other pollutants. The banks were eroding, invasive plants were taking over and you couldn't eat the fish. But a year into an innovative state project to reduce pollution and restore habitat, even the scientists who worked on the project are surprised by the outcome. Pollution levels — in the water, fish tissue and sediment — are down dramatically.

03/05/2015 -

State regulators are now fielding a third active industry project in Delaware's protected Coastal Zone, under terms some environmental groups view as unjustified reinterpretations of the landmark conservation law. In the latest proposal, Green Recovery Technologies LLC this week recycled an earlier, flawed application for a permit to process fats and solids from poultry processing plant wastewater into fish and pet food, operating in an industrial park near the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Officials plan to make the new proposal public on Wednesday.

UDaily: UD data, projects inform new Delaware Climate Framework
03/05/2015 -

Nancy Targett, dean of the University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) and director of Delaware Sea Grant (DESG), joined Gov. Jack Markell and other environmental partners at the American Birding Association Headquarters in Delaware City on Monday, March 3, to highlight Delaware’s historic success in preparing the state for emerging climate impacts and to announce a new Climate Framework for Delaware.

The framework summarizes work completed under Markell’s Executive Order 41, signed in September 2013, in addressing climate impacts and includes recommendations that outline Delaware’s future direction for climate action. It provides strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change; increase resilience to climate impacts; and avoid and minimize flood risks due to sea level rise. 

03/04/2015 -

Gov. Jack Markell on Monday outlined a new plan, a year-and-a-half in the making, to reduce by 30 percent Delaware's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and to better plan and prepare for the most likely impacts from climate change. The team that prepared the plan looked at dozens of worst case scenarios, from the impact of hotter days on police dogs – and the atmospheric fallout from idling cruisers to keep the K-9s cool – to how to combat mosquito-born diseases like Dengue and Chukungunya fevers in a Delaware that is hotter and wetter.

UDaily: Six films to be screened at annual environmental film festival March 6–8
03/02/2015 -

Jeff Goodell, author of the acclaimed 2006 book Big Coal, will be the featured speaker during the Lights, Camera, EARTH! environmental film festival to be held March 6–8 in Mitchell Hall on the University of Delaware campus in Newark. Goodell’s book was the basis for the documentary film Dirty Business, an exposé of the coal industry that will be screened at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 7, as part of the festival. The film is one of six documentaries scheduled for the festival.