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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

05/19/2013 -

More than 800 acres of valuable coastal lands in the Delaware Bayshore, will be conserved and protected thanks to a federal grant awarded to DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s North American Wetlands Conservation Act award of $1 million will be used, along with matching funds from the state Open Space Program, conservation partners and private contributors, to acquire property along the Bayshore in Kent County. Nearly ten conservation partners have pledged matching funds that helped to make the grant award possible.

05/19/2013 -

During the next three weeks, weather permitting, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife will be treating six downstate ponds for aquatic nuisance weeds that, left unchecked, can choke the waters, crowd out beneficial plant species, and prevent fishing and boating access. The ponds to be treated are: Abbotts Pond and Tub Mill Pond near Milford; Millsboro Pond; Horseys Pond and Tussock Pond near Laurel; and Concord Pond near Seaford.

05/17/2013 -

Students from the University of Delaware interested in sustainable development and agriculture are encouraged to apply for the second session of the Consortium for Sustainability beginning June 23 at Costa Rica’s EARTH University. The event involves a consortium of universities including the University of Florida, Michigan State University and Penn State University, among others, that will send faculty and students to study in Costa Rica for two four-week sessions. Mark Rieger, dean of UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, spearheaded the consortium when he served as associate dean and professor in the University of Florida’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

05/16/2013 -

A popular program aimed at helping residents make their homes more energy efficient would restart under a plan Sustainable Energy Utility is considering. But the Home Performance with Energy Star program would restart with substantially less funding than it did two summers ago, and with likely smaller incentives. The SEU, the state-created, not-for-profit organization tasked with energy efficiency, recently issued a request for qualifications for contractors to run the program, and received five answers, said Tony DePrima, the SEU’s executive director.

June 6-9: Garden symposium to feature prominent speakers, garden tours
05/16/2013 -

Everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and gardens — from backyard enthusiasts to art historians — will find something to learn and enjoy at the "Earth Perfect?" symposium, being held June 6-9 at locations at and near the University of Delaware.

Shipping pollution: Emissions from shipping making ocean more acidic, researchers report
05/16/2013 -

Shipping pollution along major trade lanes can rival carbon emissions in contributing to the increased acidity of the ocean, according to a new study by an international team, including researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Delaware and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. The research is the first global analysis that shows that acidification from shipping can during the summer months equal that from carbon dioxide. 

Ecology woods: UD doctoral candidate conducts wood thrush studies around Newark
05/09/2013 -

The University of Delaware’s Zach Ladin has been studying the wood thrush for the past three years -- continuing research started by Roland Roth 37 years ago and continued by Greg Shriver, associate professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, in his Forest Fragments in Managed Ecosystems (FRAME) program – and is looking at how breeding birds can provide clues to the relative health of the environment.

Recycled sculpture:  Garden sculpture combines art and environmental awareness
05/04/2013 -

Art in the Garden, the annual outdoor sculpture exhibition sponsored by the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens (UDBG), provides sculpture students an opportunity to showcase their creative work in an outdoor setting.

This year, Christine Stallone, a senior fine arts major, will be showcasing a sculpture titled Piled High in support of the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) Student Programs Committee’s bottled water awareness campaign. 

During the 2012 spring semester, the Student Programs Committee (SPC) launched the campaign, which is designed to help UD students become more informed consumers and to shed light on the unsustainable environmental, economic and health consequences of buying and drinking bottled water. 

Sturgeon search: Scientists use satellites, underwater robot to study Atlantic sturgeon migrations
05/03/2013 -

More than a century ago, an estimated 180,000 female Atlantic sturgeon arrived from the coast in the spring to spawn in the Delaware River and fishermen sought their caviar as a lucrative export to Europe. Overfishing contributed to steep population declines, however, and today numbers have dwindled to fewer than 300 adults.

Technology milestone reached: Electric vehicles at UD earn revenue from power grid
05/03/2013 -

Daring to be first, the University of Delaware, through its project with NRG Energy Inc., has proven for the first time that all-electric vehicles can give and take power from an electric power grid and get paid for the service. Located on UD’s STAR Campus, the 15 vehicles officially connected with the grid in February. Since then, they have operated as a mini power plant, giving and taking electricity on demand.