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Student Programs Committee


The DENIN Student Programs Committee is a small group of specially selected volunteers from across the University of Delaware who assist DENIN in reaching out to students. Its members are charged with being

Ambassadors — representing DENIN at campus-wide events
Focus Group — providing input about what students are interested in and concerned about
Event Planners — carrying out events for students that further the educational objectives of DENIN
Promoters — assisting in promoting DENIN events, especially to the student population
Activists — helping to create a sustainable campus by communicating scientific information effectively

In its first year, the 2011-2012 DENIN Students Programs Committee was made up of eight undergraduate students at the University of Delaware. The committee included representatives from the Colleges of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Business and Economics, and Agricultural and Natural Resources. They launched a Bottled Water Awareness Campaign on campus and collected over 1,000 signatures on their petitions. The  Student Programs Committee also planned the first EcoTour, an event that brought 20 students from Wilmington Charter and St. Mark's High Schools to the University of Delaware to learn about environmental initiatives, degree programs, and organizations on campus. They represented DENIN at Earth Day events and Ag Day. The group has expanded to 12 members for the 2012–13 academic year.


2013–14 Committee Members:

Photo of Becky BronsteinBecky Bronstein - Chair
Becky Bronstein is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. She spent her last summer interning with the Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Air Partnership Programs.  Bronstein is the co-chair of the Sustainability Policy Working Group and a member of the Green Liaison's Working Group within the Sustainability Task Force. She is a member of UD's Students for the Environment and is also a Student Government Association Senator for the University Affairs Committee.

Photo of Amy SnellingAmelia Snelling
Junior Amelia Snelling is pursing a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in marine science. Snelling has interned for Environment America, an environmental advocacy organization where she pushed for stricter regulations on coal-fired power plants in support of clean air. She has also interned at Earth Day Network, where she wrote a lesson plan that was published by the National Environmental Education Foundation. Snelling is a member of the Enviro-Mentors, an ambassador program in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, as well as the Green Liaisons and Sustainability Policy Working Group.

Photo of Lindsey CraigLindsey Craig
Lindsey Craig is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Sustainable Energy and a minor in Geography. She is involved with Students for the Environment and Green Senate, and interned at Riverkeeper, a nonprofit organization defending the Hudson River. She will be studying abroad this winter in Fiji and next fall in Denmark to further her education in sustainable living.

Photo of Molly GartlandMolly Gartland
Molly Gartland is a sophomore at the University of Delaware pursuing a B.S. degree in Wildlife Conservation. Gartland was a member of Green Teams her freshman year, and is currently a member of Amnesty International at UD. She is an avid blogger, writer, and a lover of both wildlife and people, using DENIN as a means to seamlessly combine these interests.


Photo of Rahdika SamantRadhika Samant
Radhika Samant is a sophomore majoring in Economics as well as Environmental/Resource Economics. She has interned for different start-up companies at the Venture Development Center at UD and is currently a research assistant at the Laboratory of Applied Economics. Samant plans on pursuing a career in environmental law and policy.


Photo of Katie JunghennKatie Junghenn
Katie Junghenn is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science. She hopes to focus her studies on hydrology and climatology and someday use her degree to help improve access to clean water in developing nations. Katie is currently involved in undergraduate research with the UD Ecohydrology Group and is an active member in Engineers Without Borders and the UD Yoga Club.


Photo of Ryan HendryRyan Hendry
Ryan Hendry is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Sustainable Energy and a minor in Energy and Environmental Policy. Hendry is involved in organizations such as NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), Students for the Environment, Ray Street Green Team (Publicity Chair), and intramural basketball. He was also involved in student government throughout high school and his freshmen year in a complex community council. Hendry plans on pursuing a career in sustainable development, renewable energy, and environmental policy.