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Biogeochemistry Faculty


Biogeochemistry is the interdisciplinary study of the chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes and reactions that govern the composition of the natural environment. Such processes include the cycling of nutrients, the interactions of microbes with the surfaces of particles, the transformation of metals between oxidation states in the environment, and the transport of contaminants via soil, water, or air.

The University of Delaware has long had exceptional strength in this research area, providing international leadership in the development of critical zone science, of which biogeochemical processes are an integral part. DENIN has brought together an outstanding working group of biogeochemical faculty to facilitate further collaborations in this area.

This diverse group of faculty represents five departments distributed across four colleges at the Univeristy of Delaware, including Chemistry and Biochemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geological Sciences, Marine Science and Policy, and Plant and Soil Sciences.

View the members of the Biogeochemistry Faculty Working Group here.