Sustainable Fibers, Textile, and Apparel – Summer Internship

Research Description: The way we clothe ourselves today is fundamentally unsustainable. Current systems of fiber and apparel production depend on water and other natural resource depletion, soil and water pollution, significant fossil fuel inputs and carbon emissions, and producer and consumer waste.  Textile and apparel scholars and industry professionals have proposed an array of models and approaches for ameliorating these environmental impacts, from the use of organic fibers to localized production models to the “upcycling” of post-consumer materials.  These approaches tend to focus on a single aspect of the industry’s supply chains and operations, however, and generally take an incremental approach to improved sustainability outcomes.  The question thus remains: what would a truly sustainable fashion system look like and how could it be realized?  The DENIN summer scholars will support research to address this fundamental question. The broader research program involves faculty from across the social sciences, applied sciences, earth and environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, art and design, business, and other relevant disciplines to enable a holistic approach that incorporates scientific, technical, humanistic, and social perspectives to assess fashion’s environmental impacts and to consider existing academic and industry approaches to improving sustainability outcomes.


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