University of Delaware
delware environmental institute



Photo of Don Sparks, Director of DENIN Cheryl M. Ackerman

Donald Sparks
250A ISE Lab
(302) 831-4335

Cheryl Ackerman
EPSCoR, Director of Evaluation

250J ISE Lab

(302) 831-8585

Beth Chajes
Communications Manager

250C ISE Lab

(302) 831-6163

Photo of Jeanette Miller Karen Rodalunas  

Jeanette Miller
Associate Director

250D ISE Lab

(302) 831-4167

Karen Rodalunas

Administrative Assistant

250AA ISE Lab

(302) 831-3436

Amy Slocum
Assistant Director

250B ISE Lab

(302) 831-4335

Yolanda Williams-Bey

Our offices are located in The Interdisciplinary Science And Engineering Laboratory
221 Academy Street
Newark, DE 19711

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Yolanda Williams-Bey

Education Program Manager

250J ISE Lab

(302) 831-3430



Visitors can park in the Perkins Student Center garage at 325 Academy Street

(also noted on map)