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Title:  GLOBE Internship Program
Agency: The Nature Conservancy
Description:  The mission of the GLOBE program is to prepare young professionals for successful careers in the environmental industry. TNC hires college students and recent college graduates for paid summer internships in variety of career areas, and their internship program offers a structured orientation, professional training, network opportunities, mentoring program, and real-world work experience. The GLOBE Program recruits individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and will match qualified and enthusiastic undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates with an internship suited to their area of study, ensuring that each intern has a high-quality experience, a committed mentor and a relevant project that provides each intern with additional skills and training that will help them begin their conservation career path. In Delaware, the Watershed Stewardship GLOBE intern (Job ID #45847) will work on the Stream Stewards project of the Conservancy's Delaware Chapter in conjunction with the William Penn funded Centers Network Youth Internship program. The Stream Stewards project is a citizen science program, in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) and Stroud Water Research Center, designed to engage volunteers in water quality monitoring and watershed stewardship, in the Beaver Valley Unit of First State National Historical Park. To apply or learn more about the GLOBE internship based out of Wilmington, Delaware, visit and search for Job ID #45847, or GLOBE.
Due: January 12, 2018

Title:  Pathways to Science
Agency: Institute for Broadening Participation
Description:  The mission of the Institute for Broadening Participation is to increase diversity in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce. Since 2003, IBP has connected underrepresented students with STEM funding and research opportunities, and has provided faculty and administrators with tools and resources to help promote the positive factors that keep underrepresented students on the STEM pathway into successful STEM careers. The institute's website provides a wealth of resources for students seeking scholarships, fellowships, and internships.


Title:  Newton International Fellowship
Agency: The British Academy and the Royal Society
Description:  The long-term aim of the fellowship is to build a global pool of research leaders and encourage long-term international collaboration with the UK. The fellowships cover the broad range of physical, natural and social sciences, and the humanities. They provide grants of £24,000 annually to cover subsistence and up to £8,000 annually to cover research expenses, plus a one-off relocation allowance of up to £2,000. In addition, Newton Fellows may be eligible for follow-up funding of up to £6,000 per year for up to 10 years following the completion of the fellowship. Applicants must have a sponsor in the UK.

Both Undergraduate & Graduate

Title:  Environmental Educators, Camp Counselors, and Other Internships
Agency:  Delaware State Parks
Description:  Positions are available for spring, summer, and fall, ranging from 12 weeks to a year. Includes a stipend for most positions and sometimes housing. Positions are available for people with skills and knowledge in education, history, exercise science, the environment, engineering, hospitality, theater and performing arts, and more. Contact the intern office at 302-739-9193 or the state parks internship webpage.
Due: No firm deadline, positions are open until filled and start and end dates are flexible. Summer positions fill quickly, however, and application prior to April 30 is suggested. 

Title: Climate Change Advocacy Internships
Agency: Delaware Audubon
Description: Delaware Audubon Society (DAS) is seeking two interns to assist its board of directors with efforts to bolster the development of an advocacy program to protect Delaware's birds from the impact of a global warming. Delaware has the lowest elevation of any state in the U.S. and is particularly susceptible to sea level rise impacts on critical bird habitats. This is particularly concerning as Delaware's Coastal Zone, a globally important bird area, is being impacted by climate change. The internship will entail approximately 5-10 hours per week throughout the fall, winter, and/or spring semester.  Students must have completed two years of academic work (30 credit hours). Preference will be given to students with specific coursework in an academic major related to public policy, environmental policy, environmental science, communications, and/or journalism. The internship will include a modest stipend (approximately equivalent to $15/hour or $1,500/semester).  Delaware Audubon will coordinate with higher education institutions to facilitate the internship’s use for academic credit, or to meet a student’s service learning requirement for a declared major. For more information and application instructions, download this document.
Due: Open until filled.

Title:  Environmental Advocacy Internships
Agency:  The Delaware Nature Society
Description:  Three part-time internship positions are available with the Delaware Nature Society's Advocacy group, each with a slightly different focus: (1) expanding the society’s advocacy outreach and education opportunities through social media website materials, and education opportunities with school children; (2) developing a keen working knowledge of Delaware’s legislative and political process and  accompanying the society's Environmental Advocate to the General Assembly, public hearings, and other public events; or (3) expanding the society’s advocacy legislative agenda through research of national, state, and local environmental issues. The research and legislative positions require a minimum of two years of college (rising senior or graduate student for the education position) with environmental, communication, political science or policy backgrounds preferred; strong written  and verbal communication skills are required. For more information, or to submit a resume and cover letter, contact the society's Environmental Advocate, Brenna Goggin, at 
Due:  Ongoing; legislative position applications are needed no later than Dec. 15 for January-June legislative session.


Title: Healthy Coastal Ecosystem Fellowship
Agency: Delaware Sea Grant and Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve
Description: The 2018 Healthy Coastal Ecosystem Fellowship competition is open to graduate students in good standing at any Delaware university. Awards of $10,000 are available for research that addresses joint DNERR and Sea Grant priorities: understanding the observed and predicted effects of climate change, sea level rise and other human impacts on Delaware’s coastal ecosystems; quantification of ecosystems services provided by coastal Delaware habitats; or examination or implementation of wetland restoration techniques for protecting and enhancing resiliency to contaminants, invasive species, nutrient loading, coastal storms, etc. Please contact Dr. Kari St. Laurent at DNERR ( or Dr. Jennifer Merrill at DE Sea Grant ( with any questions. 
Due: Submissions must be received by 3:00 pm, November 6, 2017.

Title: TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program
Agency:  Audubon
Description:  TogetherGreen is a major conservation initiative of Audubon, supported by a generous gift from Toyota. The goals of the program are to nurture conservation leadership, achieve conservation results, and engage millions of Americans in conservation action. The TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program invests in promising and proven leaders who are committed to empowering others and to creating positive environmental change in their communities and organizations. Each TogetherGreen Fellow will receive professional development opportunities, a $10,000 grant to help support an innovative Conservation Action Project, and an opportunity to network with a cadre of committed leaders. This is a 12-month-long program in which Fellows are required to conduct a Conservation Action Project to achieve measurable outcomes in one or more of the following TogetherGreen conservation goals: (1) habitat - protect habitat and species in targeted landscapes; (2) water - protect water resources by improving water quality and water supply for all living things; or (3) energy - reduce the threat of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use and/or improving energy efficiency. To achieve these goals, Conservation Action Projects should also engage new and diverse audiences in conservation action.
Due: early March

Title:  Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship
Agency:  The National Academies
Description:  The National Academies Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program is an early career educational and training opportunity. It is designed to engage its fellows in the analytical process that informs U.S. science and technology policy. Fellows develop basic skills essential to working or participating in science policy at the federal, state, or local levels. Graduate and professional school students and those who have completed graduate studies (degree awarded) within the last five years may apply. Areas of study may include any social/behavioral science, medical/health discipline, physical or biological science, any field of engineering, law/business/public administration, or any relevant interdisciplinary fields. Fellows receive a stipend.
Due:  Check the website in late spring or summer for application deadlines for the following year.


Title: Sustainable Urban Water Transdisciplinary Research Program for Undergraduates
Agency: Urban Water Innovation Network 
Description: This intensive nine-week summer research experience will engage students in cutting edge, transdisciplinary research of immediate relevance to people in urban areas. Under the guidance of one or more scientific mentors, students will perform an independent research project of their own design that supports integration between social, natural sciences, and engineering as well as connections to the national network. Students will write abstracts and present a poster during the UWIN All Scientists’ meeting in early August 2018 with full participation of students, mentors, scientists and professionals from the network. Students will complete a research report and submit appropriate data and metadata to their mentors and the program coordinator by the end of the final week of the program. Students will have the option to apply for a small pool of funds to produce a paper for a peer reviewed journal, or to present their work at a professional society conference.
Due: January 29, 2018

Title: Marine Sciences Summer Program
Agency: UD College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment 
Description: The marine science internship program takes place at the University of Delaware's College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment in the resort community of Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes. This modern campus is located on the shores of Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Henlopen State Park. Interns will work with faculty and research staff in a graduate student atmosphere on a research topic in chemical, physical, or biological oceanography, marine biology, marine geology, or marine biogeochemistry. Interns will work semi-independently on a project designed by the intern and assigned faculty advisor and will present written and oral reports at the end of the summer. The program will run for 10 weeks. Interns will be expected to attend weekly seminars presented by faculty and research staff. Accommodations are provided at the Daiber Housing Complex which is comprised of 28 three-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom, semi-detached ranch houses. Student support includes a $5,600 stipend, free housing, and travel assistance for the 10-week session.
Due: February

Title: Environmental Scholars Internship
Agency: DENIN
Description:  Paid undergraduate research internship positions are available for up to 20 University of Delaware students during the academic year for students interested in environmental research. All applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must be current sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Applicants must identify a project and faculty member willing to host the student in his or her lab prior to applying. Internships will begin on or about November 1 and continue through the spring semester. The fall and spring semesters are a part-time commitment, while the winter session is considered a full-time commitment for five weeks. Students will present the results of their work at a spring sypmposium. Students with interests in climate, sea level rise, water quality, land use, soil contamination and remediation, environmental sensing and monitoring, economics, ethics, and environmental justice, history, or policy are especially encouraged to apply. Direct questions to Yolanda Williams-Bey.
Due:  Applications for the academic year open in the early fall.

Title: Undergraduate Travel Award
AgencyCouncil on Undergraduate Research, Social Sciences Division
Description:  To apply for travel funds (up to $200) to present undergraduate research at conferences from the Social Science Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), fill out this form. Funds are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the time of the completed application, not the conference date). Undergraduate students at any level can apply but preference will be given to juniors and seniors or students attending two-year community colleges. To qualify for these funds, your faculty mentor and/or your college/university must be a member of CUR, and your school must provide funds that match the CUR travel award. They support travel to professional conferences; travel to NCUR or to Posters on the Hill are excluded. You will be asked to upload a letter from your faculty mentor confirming these conditions, and you will be asked to upload some confirmation that you have been accepted to present at the conference. Direct any questions to Rebecca Hatch (
Due:  Ongoing

Title: Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
Agency: The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Description:  The foundation selects up to 50 community college transfer students each year and awards each scholar up to $30,000 annually to cover a significant share of the student's educational expenses for the final two to three years necessary to achieve a bachelor's degree. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Students must be nominated by the faculty representative at their two-year institution; at Delaware Tech these are Janelle Boyer (Owens campus), Ann Carter (Stanton campus), and Lester Link (Terry campus).
Due:  mid-January

Title:  Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Agency: The Goldwater Foundation
Description:  Approximately 300 scholarships of $7,500 each are awarded annually to rising juniors and seniors who have outstanding potential and plan to pursue Ph.D. degrees and research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Candidates must be nominated by their institution, so please contact Sue Serra at UD (or the faculty representative at your university) for internal application deadlines.
Due:  end of January

Title:  Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Agency: The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
Description:  Approximately 75-80 merit-based scholarships are awarded annually to juniors who have outstanding leadership potential, plan to pursue careers in government or elsewhere in public service and which to attend graduate school. The scholarship provides up to $30,000. Candidates must be full-time, junior-level students and must compete according to their legal residence. They should be very active in public and community service, be committed to careers in the public sector, have outstanding leadership potential, and possess intellectual strength, communication skills, and analytical abilities. Candidates must be nominated by their institution, so please contact Katharine Kerrane at UD (or the faculty representative at your university) for internal application deadlines.
Due:  beginning of February

Title:  UDall Undergraduate Scholarship
Agency:  Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation
Description:  The UDall Foundation seeks sophomore and junior level students who are pursuing a career related to the environment. In 2012, the Foundation expects to award 80 scholarships of up to $5,000 for and 50 honorable mentions of $350. Scholarships go towards tuition, room and board, or other educational expenses. Though any students committed to an environmental career may apply, only Native Americans and Alaska natives can apply in the topic of tribal public policy or Native American health care. Each year, the University of Delaware can nominate 6 students for the application process. For more information and applications, contact Sue Serra, 831-3188, in the Office of Service Learning before early February, as she coordinates UD's nominations.
Due:  beginning of March

Title:  Baltimore National Aquarium Internships
Description:  The National Aquarium offers students hands-on internship experience in a variety of departments, including but not limited to, animal care, marketing, government affairs, human resources and development. Students must receive college credit for the internship and are required to work a minimum of 120 hours during the semester. The internship is unpaid. Read this UDaily story to find out how Sarah Thorne, a UD junior, spent her summer interning for the aquarium.
Due:  March 1 (for summer) , May 1 (for fall), November 1 (for winter/spring)

Title:  Lois Yoder-Swaim Memorial Scholarship
Agency:  National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA)
Description:  The Lois Yoder-Swaim Memorial Scholarship provides funding for deserving students who agree to conduct a project in cooperation with the staff of a National Estuarine Research Reserve. The program provides students with a scholarship of anywhere from $750 to $1000 or more to assist in post-secondary education. Recipients must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program at an accredited public or private junior college, college, or university. First-year students are not eligible to apply. Scholarships are paid directly to a student for use at his/her discretion for room, board, tuition, supplies, or equipment. A scholarship selection committee will choose the recipient(s). Preference will be given to students studying the environmental or natural sciences, public policy, environmental or natural resource economics, or science education. Applicants should develop a project in cooperation with staff from a reserve, and must contact a reserve manager for guidance and to secure a letter of support. Areas of focus for projects are: (1) social sciences and their link to the estuarine environment and improving human communities, (2) earth science education for K-12 students focused on the estuarine environment, (3) public policy and the estuarine environment, (4) estuarine ecology or physical oceanography, and (5) coastal hazards, climate change and tools to help with estuarine management.
Due:  September

Title: Various Undergraduate Fellowship and Internship Opportunities
Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Description: This webpage provides links to a number of opportunities for undergraduates and recent recipients of bachelor's degrees, particularly for those interested in coastal, marine, and environmental management or research, including
-- Darling Marine Center Summer REU Fellowships
-- Dauphin Island Sea Lab NSF REU Program
-- Great Lakes Summer Student Fellowship Program
-- Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Summer Intern Program
-- Maryland Sea Grant REU Summer Fellowships
-- Minorities in Marine and Environmental Science (MIMES) Summer Internship Program, South Carolina
-- National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowship
-- Research Internships in Science of the Environment (RISE)
-- Shannon Point Marine Center NSF REU Program
-- Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Fellowships
-- Summer Intern Program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science
-- Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Oceanography (SURFO)

Title: List of Internship and Fellowship Opportunities in Science
Agency: Multiple federal agencies
Decsription: List of links to more than 70 federally funded opportunities