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UD English professor, DENIN affiliate, Julian Yates receives named professorship

Julian Yates, a renowned scholar of medieval and Renaissance British literature, has been appointed H. Fletcher Brown Professor of English at the University of Delaware. Yates, who specializes in literary theory, material culture studies and questions of ecology and environmental humanities, “is known for his innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship,” said John Ernest, chair of the Department of English.

"Your appointment to this professorship is in recognition of your achievements as a scholar and educator," read a letter from President Dennis Assanis and Interim Provost Robin Morgan. The appointment was effective April 1.

His most recent book, Of Sheep, Oranges, and Yeast: A Multispecies Impression, won the 2017 Michelle Kendrick Memorial Book Prize from the Society for Literature, Science and Arts, which praised its success in bringing together animal studies, plant studies, eco-theory and bio-politics in new and fascinating ways. Published by the University of Minnesota Press, the book imagines ways for literary and historical scholars to explore how humans exist in relation to other animal, plant, fungal, microbial, viral, mineral and chemical actors.