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The deadline for 2014–15 is October 3! Apply now!

Clickable image from a video about the Environmental Scholars programThe DENIN Environmental Scholars Program is a paid undergraduate research internship opportunity focused on environmental topics that provides interested students with a sustained research experience over the academic year. Scholars work with faculty research mentors at the University of Delaware who have agreed to provide a research experience. 

Applications are accepted early in the fall semester. University of Delaware undergraduate students from any major may apply; however, the focus of the research internship must be environmentally relevant. Students in the natural, physical, or social sciences and humanities are eligible to apply. Students with an interest in climate, sea level rise, water quality, land use, soil contamination and remediation, environmental sensing and monitoring, economics, ethics, environmental justice, environmental history, or environmental policy are especially encouraged to apply. All applicants are required to have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must be current sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Scholars' research projects are carried out during the fall, winter, and spring semesters. Fall and spring semesters are a part-time commitment, and winter session is considered a full-time commitment for five weeks. In addition to research, DENIN Scholars will also have opportunities to attend workshops in career development and effective communication as well as occasional field trips or social events. Scholars present the results of their work at a student symposium in the spring. Click on the image above to hear what the 2014 Environmental Scholars had to say about their research and the program.

Note: We regret that the UDaily article announcing this year's program initially contained an error in the amount of the stipend. The correct stipend is $3,000. For more information about the application process, see this link or contact Jeanette Miller

Schedule of Events

The application process for 2014–15 is now open!
Application deadline is October 3, 2014.

Program runs from November 1, 2014, to May 8, 2015.

Meet the 2013–14 DENIN Environmental Scholars

Jillian Allen Jillian Allen
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentors: Pei Chiu, Julie Maresca, Paul Imhoff
Topic: Treatment of stormwater runoff with biochar and its effect on the nitrogen cycle
Joshua Barnett Joshua Barnett
Major: Cellular & Molecular Bioogy
Mentor: Clara Chan
Topic: Biogeochemistry at Cape Henlopen, Delaware
Naomi Chang Naomi Chang
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentor: Paul Imhoff
Topic: Water retention properties of biochar in different types of soil at varying pressures
Photo of Harry Colmorgen Harry Colmorgen
Major: Natural Resource Management
Mentor: Tina Callahan, Jennifer Volk
Topic: Using salt-tolerant crops on marginal agricultural land
Dan Defina Dan Defina
Major: Energy & Environmental Policy
Mentors: William Latham, John Byrne
Topic: Effects of energy-saving technologies to lower energy demand and costs in a local high school
Martin Drake Martin Drake
Major: International Relations
Mentor: McKay Jenkins
Topic: Environmental implications of new oil coming by rail to a Delaware refinery from a policy perspective
Danielle Eldracher Danielle Eldracher
Major: Sociology & Criminal Justice
Mentor: Joanne Nigg
Topic: Wetland management in the Wilmington area with a specific focus on marshlands
Lyndsay Fagan Lyndsay Fagan
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentors: Pei Chiu, Julie Maresca, Paul Imhoff
Topic: Implications of biochar on the nitrogen cycle in stormwater treatment
Eugene Feeley Eugene Feeley
Major: Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Raul Lobo
Topic: Optimization of chemical entrapment of smog and chemical reactions to destroy it once trapped
Photo of Andrew Fleming Andrew Flemming
Major: Economics & Finance
Mentor: Daniel Leathers
Topic: Using salt-tolerant crops on marginal agricultural land
Molly Gartland Molly Gartland
Major: Wildlife Conservation & Plant Science
Mentors: Greg Shriver, McKay Jenkins
Topic: Review and aggregate long-term data from the UD Ecology Woods
Paulina Knotts Paulina Knotts
Major: Criminal Justice
Mentor: Victor Perez
Topic: Experiences of environmental risk and regulation in minority and low socio-economic communities
Colleen McClatchy Colleen McClatchy
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Angelia Seyfferth
Topic: Study of arsenic in mushrooms grown in the U.S. and the human health risk associated with ingestion
Seth Olson Seth Olson
Major: Natural Resource Management
Mentor: Kent Messer
Topic: Sea level rise and contaminated sites in the Southbridge, Wilmington, community
Michael Pignataro Michael Pignataro
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: John Rabolt
Topic: Mechanical properties of PHB-HHx copolymers and design of experimental apparatus
Kerry Snyder Kerry Snyder
Major: Wildlife Conservation
Mentor: Douglas Tallamy
Topic: Identification of trees that support wintering neotropical migratory birds in shade coffee farms
Lauren Stewart-Brown Lauren Stewart-Brown
Major: Food Science
Mentor: Kali Kniel
Topic: Potential for viral contamination in a hydroponic growing environment
Nathan Veale Nathan Veale
Major: Geology
Mentor: Holly Michael
Topic: Rates of mineral weathering and the feedback of hydrological properties to weathering
Kenneth Weaver Kenneth Weaver
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: John Newberg
Topic: Effects of freezing on bromine production through UV/Vis spectroscopy
Sam Widmayer Sam Widmayer
Major: Ecology
Mentor: Shawn Polson
Topic: Taxonomic composition of commensal microbial communities of oyster populations
Cady Zuvich Cady Zuvich
Major: Political Science
Mentor: McKay Jenkins
Topics: Exposing problems and injustices in the fight for sustainable, environmentally responsible development