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DENIN Environmental Scholars


Clickable image from a video about the Environmental Scholars programThe DENIN Environmental Scholars Program is a paid undergraduate research internship opportunity focused on environmental topics that provides interested students with a sustained research experience over the academic year. Scholars work with faculty research mentors at the University of Delaware who have agreed to provide a research experience. 

Applications are accepted early in the fall semester. University of Delaware undergraduate students from any major may apply; however, the focus of the research internship must be environmentally relevant. Students in the natural, physical, or social sciences and humanities are eligible to apply. Students with an interest in climate, sea level rise, water quality, land use, soil contamination and remediation, environmental sensing and monitoring, economics, ethics, environmental justice, environmental history, or environmental policy are especially encouraged to apply. All applicants are required to have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must be current sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Scholars' research projects are carried out during the fall, winter, and spring semesters. Fall and spring semesters are a part-time commitment, and winter session is considered a full-time commitment for five weeks. In addition to research, DENIN Scholars will also have opportunities to attend workshops in career development and effective communication as well as occasional field trips or social events. Scholars present the results of their work at a student symposium in the spring. Click on the image above to hear what the 2014 Environmental Scholars had to say about their research and the program.

Schedule of Events

The application process for 2015–16 is about to begin!
The application deadline will be October 2, 2015.

Program runs from November 1, 2015, to mid-May, 2015.

Meet the 2014–15 DENIN Environmental Scholars

Photo of Josh Barnett Joshua Barnett
Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Clara Chan
Topic: Function of iron and sulfur cycling microbes in coastal environments
Photo of Kaliopi Boussess Kaliopi Boussess
Major: Environmental Science
Mentor: Jennifer Biddle
Topic: Microbial communities in the sediments of the Costa Rican margin
Photo of Danielle Eldracher Danielle Eldracher
Major: Sociology & Criminal Justice
Mentor: Joanne Nigg
Topic: Wetland management in the Wilmington area with a specific focus on marshlands
Photo of Lyndsay Fagan Lyndsay Fagan
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentors: Dan Cha & Steven Dentel
Topic: Implications of biochar on the nitrogen cycle in stormwater management
Photo of Molly Gartland Molly Gartland
Major: Wildlife Conservation
Mentors: Greg Shriver
Topic: Effects of distance from habitat edge and nest height on nest survival in the wood thrush
Photo of Kara Hoppes Kara Hoppes
Major: Environmental Science & Geological Sciences
Mentor: Clara Chan
Topic: How microbes in groundwater aquifers produce iron oxides
Photo of Kelli Kearns Kelli Kearns
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentor: Angelia Seyfferth
Topic: Factors influencing arsenic concentrations in rice crops
Photo of Dianna Kitt Dianna Kitt
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentors: Steven Dentel
Topic: Using hydrophobic breathable membranes for sanitation and applications in developing countries
Photo of Jose Lopez Jose Lopez
Major: Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Ismat Shah
Topic: Effects of inorganic and organic materials on photovoltaic cell efficiency and green solar cell manufacturing processes
Photo of Matt McDermitt Matthew McDermitt
Major: Wildlife Conservation
Mentor: Donald Sparks
Topic: Characterization of soils from EPA Superfund sites in New Jersey
Photo of Philip McGuire Philip McGuire
Major: Envrionmental & Chemical Engineering
Mentors: Dan Cha
Topic: Effectiveness of rapid infiltration basins (RIBs) in Middletown, Delaware
Photo of Mackenzie Peet Mackenzie Peet
Major: Economics
Mentor: Kent Messer
Topic: Food eco-labeling, process labeling, and the environmental impact of agribusiness decisions that lead to deforestation and land degradation
Photo of Francesca Piccone Francesca Piccone
Major: Economics
Mentor: Kent Messer
Topic: Local perception of price premiums for oysters that provide ecosystem services
Photo of Samantha Serratore Samantha Serratore
Major: Environmental Engineering
Mentor: Dan Cha
Topic: Effectiveness of rapid infiltrations basins (RIBs) in Middletown, Delaware
Photo of Kerry Snyder Kerry Snyder
Major: Entomology & Ecology
Mentor: Douglas Tallamy
Topic: Identification of trees that support wintering neotropical migratory birds in shade coffee farms
Photo of Alison Treglia Alison Treglia
Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mentor: Julie Maresca
Topic: Determine if carotenoid pigments from bacteria protect concrete microorganisms from oxidative stress
Photo of Ha Vu Ha Vu
Major: Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Deb Jaisi
Topic: Chesapeake Bay phosphorus cycling
Photo of Kelsey Wentling Kelsey Wentling
Major: Environmental Studies
Mentor: Afton Clarke-Sather
Topic: Determine how the economy, politics, climate and hydrology impact farmers' decisions regarding irrigation
Photo of Kathryn Wheeler Kathryn Wheeler
Major: Environmental Science
Mentor: Delphis Levia
Topic: Effects of climate change on stream chemistry and throughfall
Photo of Patrick Witterschein Patrick Witterschein
Major: Energy & Environmental Policy
Mentor: Janet Johnson
Topic: Impact of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay
Photo of Mengzheng Yao Mengzheng Yao
Major: Geography
Mentor: Afton Clarke-Sather
Topics: Carbon dioxide emissions and climate change