Image of three people collecting water samples from a stream in a wintery forested landscape.
Faculty and students conduct field work at White Clay Creek State Park, near Newark, Delaware.

Through the research of our faculty affiliates and their students, DENIN addresses pressing environmental challenges facing the state and the nation. Research conducted by members of the Institute’s working groups informs decision makers by providing knowledge that can help create sound environmental policies.


Our work focuses on these core areas:


With almost 200 affiliated faculty at the University of Delaware and our in-state and regional partner institutions, we serve as a hub for collaboration and interconnection. Many of our affiliates also direct other research institutes and centers investigating a wide range of environmental questions. 

DENIN helps support core research facilities — research equipment and instrumentation shared by scientists throughout our network and beyond. Facilities such as the Advanced Materials Characterization Laboratory provide scientists from many fields access to a suite of cutting-edge tools that are enabling new insights into environmental processes and the development of new technologies for monitoring and remediation.