Working Groups

In an effort to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations, DENIN creates and supports working groups. These groups investigate relevant issues in environmental resilience. Currently, there are three DENIN Working Groups.

  1. Sustainable Fiber and Apparel
    Co-Chairs: Kedron Thomas & Kelly Cobb
    This working group seeks to understand what a truly sustainable fashion system would look like and how that system could be realized. Their principal aim is to develop an interdisciplinary research program that will yield an evidence-based evaluation of the changes that are needed in order to make apparel production and consumption an environmentally sustainable endeavor. Research from this working group is currently being funded by the NSF Convergence Accelerator.  Six people standing in a forest looking at leaves on a budding tree.
  2. Environmental Justice
    Chair: Mckay Jenkins
    The major goals of the environmental justice (EJ) working group are to develop curriculum/a certificate program related to EJ, to collaborate in pursuing funding opportunities related to EJ, to establish a working model for conducting community engagement research and activities, to establish a master list of other EJ activities on campus, and to encourage interdisciplinary activity, research, scholarship, and engagement around EJ.
  3. Salinization and Infrastructure
    Chair: Jennifer McConnell
    This emerging working group seeks to better understand and mitigate the impacts of sea-level rise and its accompanying salinization on coastal infrastructures, including buildings, roads, bridges, drainage and water systems, and emergency services. As a recently-formed group, they are looking for faculty, staff, and community members who are interested in the topic to join the conversation and drive the research directions of the group. 

More information about the organizational structure of DENIN working groups can be found here

Applications open yearly for new working group ideas. Make sure that you’re a DENIN Affiliate to apply for a new working group.