DENIN Connect: Peer Collaboration & Mentoring Program

Welcome to the DENIN Peer Collaboration & Mentoring Program:

We at DENIN strive to support our community of researchers. As such, we are now offering an informal peer collaboration and mentoring program that provides support for one-on-one relationships as well as group conversations that connect faculty researchers, increase knowledge and enhance skills for future goals and milestones.

If you would like to become a peer mentor or are interested in viewing our list of available peer mentors, please click the link here (you will need your CAS credentials to log in). If outside of UD, please click link here to complete an access request form. 

What DENIN will provide:

  1. Small financial contribution for meetings and connections (meals, travel, etc) up to $100
  2. Assistance with connecting you to a collaboration group or peer mentor
  3. Assistance with scheduling


Resources for Mentoring:

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity – “On-demand access to the mentoring, tools and support you need to be successful in the Academy.”
Note: University of Delaware has a membership that all UD faculty can use. 
My Individual Development Plan – A free online tool for postdoctoral scientists, to help define and achieve career goals. Developed by AAAS and partners.
Individual Development Plans (IDPs): An Underutilized Advising Tool in the Geosciences