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Environmental news from Delaware and the surrounding region.

UDaily: Second annual UD water symposium focuses on science, policy
10/03/2015 -

University of Delaware students and faculty, as well as professionals from industry, government and non-profit organizations, gathered in the Townsend Hall Commons on Friday, Sept. 25, as part of the second annual Water Science and Policy Symposium. Donald Boesch, professor of marine science and president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, served as the plenary speaker for the event and addressed his experiences with a talk titled “Science and Policy in the Chesapeake Bay: The Long-Haul and the Tight Crunch.”

UDaily: Two events scheduled to celebrate the University's work toward sustainability
10/03/2015 -

The University of Delaware’s Campus Sustainability Day Working Group of the Sustainability Task Force has announced the schedule of events for Campus Sustainability Day 2015 on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

UDaily: Environmental engineering faculty study novel approach to stormwater management
10/01/2015 -

When stormwater runs off impervious surfaces like pavements and roofs, it bypasses nature’s filtering system and moves rapidly through storm drains, sewer systems and drainage ditches into creeks and rivers, carrying with it pollutants such as nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been promoting the use of “green infrastructure” to manage and reduce stormwater pollutants, but the design, installation and maintenance of this type of infrastructure is expensive.

UDaily: UD professor, graduate look at effects of non-native plants on herbivores
09/29/2015 -

Not only do native plants do a better job of hosting and supporting local insect communities than their non-native counterparts, but a University of Delaware study shows that non-native plants are compounding the problem of declining species diversity by supporting fewer herbivores across landscapes. The research was conducted by UD alumna Karin Burghardt and Doug Tallamy, professor of entomology in the University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and published in a recent issue of Ecology Letters.

UDaily: RSVP by Oct. 2 to attend the DENIN Graduate Student Research Symposium
09/29/2015 -

The entire University of Delaware community is invited to attend the first graduate research symposium sponsored by the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) on Thursday, Oct. 8, in the Harker Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory.

Those interested in attending should RSVP via an online form by Oct 2.

UDaily: UD professors say nation has fallen behind on offshore wind power
09/29/2015 -

University of Delaware faculty from the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE), the College of Engineering and the Alfred Lerner School of Business and Economics say that the U.S. has fallen behind in offshore wind power.

The UD professors, who are all affiliated with UD’s Center for Carbon Free Power Integration (CCPI), reported their findings in an invited paper that appeared this week in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

UDaily: Oliver named Robertson Professor of Marine Science and Policy
09/28/2015 -

Matthew Oliver, an associate professor in University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, has been named the Patricia and Charles Robertson Professor of Marine Science and Policy. The endowed chair, funded through a generous gift from UD alumna Patricia Robertson and her husband Charles, is meant to reward exceptional young faculty talent.

09/24/2015 -

A multifaith group in Wilmington on Wednesday convened the first of two vigils focused on climate change and what participants said is a public moral duty to address the causes of global warming and its dangers. Delaware Interfaith Power, one of 40 such state groups nationwide, organized the sessions outside First & Central Presbyterian Church near Rodney Square. Organizers said the event was timed to coincide with Pope Francis’s arrival in the United States, and with Yom Kippur, a time when members of the Jewish faith fast and seek forgiveness.

UDaily: Researchers examine market potential, environmental trade-offs of using natural gas as a marine fuel
09/23/2015 -

As the maritime shipping industry transitions toward cleaner fuels in response to new environmental regulations and emissions standards, abundant supplies of natural gas in the United States, and worldwide, appear to offer a promising solution in transportation industries.

Natural gas is considered by many to be a 21st century energy resource that will enable multiple sectors, including shipping, to transition away from petroleum fuels. But, questions remain about whether the economic and energy potential benefits include co-benefits for the environment. 

UDaily: Study finds conservation mascots effective in more ways than one
09/22/2015 -

Smokey Bear has spent decades reminding picnickers “only you can prevent forest fires” and has even been known to cry over the devastation they leave in their wake. University of Delaware researchers say the cartoon bear illustrates how mascots can most effectively protect the environment – by threatening disappointment. New findings show adults are less likely to pollute when conservation information is presented to them by a mascot. And, they are most likely to make the right choice when it prevents the fuzzy creatures from being sad.