DENIN Provides Grant Support

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) has a highly experienced team that can help researchers and community partners develop and manage large, interdisciplinary grants. We provide services throughout the grant application and implementation process.


  • Develop innovative and competitive research concepts. 
  • Assist with identifying funding sources and relevant calls for proposals.
  • Create broadening participation, education, and workforce development plans.
  • Manage proposal preparation and submission, including timeline establishment, responsibility checklist, compilation of supporting documents and letters of support.
  • Facilitate collaborations within the university and with external partners.
  • Interpret funders guidelines and goals.
  • Develop budgets including coordination of match and cost-share commitments.



  • Monitor award budgets and sponsor reporting. 
  • Provide monthly financial reports and long-range financial projections.
  • Implement broadening participation, education, and workforce development plans.
  • Coordinate team meetings and events. 
  • Complete award closeout reports. 
  • Identify potential follow-up collaborations and funding opportunities.


If you have an idea for an interdisciplinary environmental research project, please contact DENIN to learn more about how we can support you.