You are invited to a public lecture and discussion of the book Green Gentrification: Urban Sustainability and the Struggle for Environmental Justice (2017), by professors and authors Kenneth Gould and Tammy Lewis. “Green Gentrification looks at the social consequences of urban‘greening’ from an environmental justice and sustainable development perspective…green gentrification that pushes out the working-class, and people of color, and attracts white, wealthier in-migrants. Simply put, urban greening ‘richens and whitens,’ remaking the city for the sustainability class.” The event will take place on November 8, 2018 at 1:45pm in Gore Hall 104.

Event is Co-Sponsored by the Disaster Research Center, the Center for Community Research and Service, the Delaware Environmental Institute, and the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Contact Dr. Victor Perez for more information

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The DENIN Network in the News

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) has selected its fifth class of DENIN Environmental Fellows. The two-year fellowships support doctoral students whose research interests demonstrate a bridge between science and society. Five recipients were chosen following a rigorous selection process that included a written research proposal and an interview for finalists. Candidates were expected to demonstrate an ability and commitment to communicating and transferring the benefits of their research to the wider world in addition to the intellectual merit of their research proposals.

Students in Action

  • As an undergraduate at the University of Montana, Amanda Rosier studied oil-degrading bacteria. “Microorganisms are so powerful in helping us solve human-made problems,” she said. “There’s so much we don’t know about them. It’s like a whole frontier of …

  • Kyra Kim is at the beach again, but her Ph.D. advisor won’t mind. Kim’s research is among the first to explore the biochemistry of the wet sand zone on beaches. This area was thought to be rather unreactive because there’s not much organic matter there …

Faculty Cluster Hire

  • An interdisciplinary team of faculty from five University of Delaware colleges will be conducting a Coastal Water Security cluster hire focused on water quality, toxicological assessment and restoration of contaminated environments, and impacts on human and ecosystem health arising from increased stressors in the coastal environment. To learn more, click link above.

Grand Challenges in Water Sustainability

This series is funded through the UD Office of Graduate and Professional Education’s Grand Challenges Program and organized by the DENIN Water Working Group and graduate students studying water across the University of Delaware. 

The first of the series, Dynamic Hydrology from Land to Sea was held on September 28 at the University of Delaware 

Mark your calendars and please join us for next two symposia in the series:

Symposium II: Water for Food and Energy: March 22 at Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, PA

Symposium III: Science, Management and Policy for Water: June 7 at the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve, Dover, DE

To learn more, click here.