October 21, 2019, 4:00pm

Star Tower Audion

A DENIN Climate Dialogue with Michael Mann

Join us for a conversation with distinguished climate scientist Michael Mann, Penn State University. Interviewed by McKay Jenkins, UD Department of English.

Sponsored by the Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware. Free and open to the public. Please register at:

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The DENIN Network in the News

One of the grand challenges facing the planet now and into the future is ensuring the availability of enough clean water to sustain humans and ecosystems across the globe. So, when UD’s Office of Graduate and Professional Education solicited proposals from faculty on ways to engage graduate students in addressing grand challenges, water sustainability seemed like a strong choice. The first symposium — the Human and Climate Series I: Dynamic Hydrology from Land to Sea — will bring together students and professors from across campus, as well as outside speakers, for networking, presenting and collaborative research opportunities. It will focus on the sea, coastal vulnerability and other challenges in the interface between the land and waterways.

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Faculty Cluster Hire

  • An interdisciplinary team of faculty from five University of Delaware colleges will be conducting a Coastal Water Security cluster hire focused on water quality, toxicological assessment and restoration of contaminated environments, and impacts on human and ecosystem health arising from increased stressors in the coastal environment. To learn more, click link above.

Grand Challenges in Water Sustainability

This series was funded through the UD Office of Graduate and Professional Education’s Grand Challenges Program and organized by the DENIN Water Working Group and graduate students studying water across the University of Delaware.  The first of the series, Dynamic Hydrology from Land to Sea was held on September 28 at the University of Delaware. On March 22, we focused on the Future of Water in the Mid-Atlantic at Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, PA. On June 7, we focused on Water Management and Policy: Local and Global Perspectives. Our partners in examining grand challenges in water sustainability are Stroud and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and the series is organized by graduate students studying water across the University of Delaware, advised by the DENIN Water Working Group. Partial funding was provided by the UD Office of Graduate and Professional Education. To learn more, click here.